Xbox One: Most innovative console poised to win next gen wars

Since the reveal of the Xbox One, Microsoft has found itself on the wrong end of the stick where gamers are concerned. Gamers who seem to think a video game machine must solely focus on games and much of nothing else, which is quite an immature thought. However, despite what hardcore gamers and the gaming press think of the Xbox One, the console is still poised to come out on top due to all its innovations.

When we look at the Xbox One, we see a console that is doing things differently, a console that wants to break away from the shackles of the gaming industry. By focusing on other aspects outside of gaming, Microsoft is ensuring the Xbox One has a bright future ahead, along with the possibility of bringing none gaming consumers into the realm of Xbox. Overtime, gamers will have to accept that the Xbox caters to a wider audience, and that there is really nothing bad about going in this direction.

As the most innovative next generation console, let’s talk about some of the non gaming features that will help propel the Xbox One to glory when it launches on November 22, 2013.

TV and Sports

The ability to connect the Xbox One to your cable box is a huge deal since it would get rid of the problem of switching between devices. Want to watch TV after playing video games for 5 hours? That’s fine, no need to switch to your cable box, Microsoft’s new baby will do all the work for you. Furthermore, there’s all the sports related content Microsoft talked about at the reveal, which could turn out to be a big deal.

Right now the NFL is the most popular sports in the United States, so by integrating the Xbox One with live NFL content along with ESPN, American sports fans might see this as something worth considering. Furthermore, the ability to control everything with just the sound of your voice via Kinect is pretty neat, and Microsoft should be applauded for this move.

Now, these TV and Sports features are not yet available in Europe, but imagine when it does, it could turn out to be a big boon for football loving fans.

Kinect One

People are still wary of Kinect because the first one didn’t perform as well Microsoft promised. However, the Kinect One from all the previews so far, is proving this device could change the way we play games. We’ve seen all the hands-on articles from across the web, it’s pretty difficult to dispute the claims of Kinect One actually working as intended.

Here’s the thing, if Microsoft is able to market Kinect towards the casual crowd in a meaningful way, it is likely the Xbox One could usher in a new wave of entertainment for those who are afraid of the controller. It worked wonderfully for the Nintendo Wii, so there’s no reason it couldn’t happen with the Xbox One. As long as the content is there, Microsoft will have the opportunity to create a big lead between the Xbox One and competing consoles where sales are concerned.


Wait, what? Didn’t think we’d even mention Skype? Of course, lads, it’s a big part of the Xbox One’s experience. There will be those who might want to downplay the significance of Skype, but make no mistake, it is just as important as everything else. We expect families and friends to take full advantage of what Skype has to offer.


At the end of the day, Microsoft will have to advertise the advantage of owning a Xbox One properly, or else the target audience outside of the gaming community will not bite. Of course, Microsoft have already begun its ad campaign, which showcases the NFL and ESPN integration. So far, it looks great, but time will tell if Microsoft is able to deliver more quality ads and if consumers find interest.

If they do, then the Xbox One will become the star of the next generation due to the casual market, and hardcore gamers will have to accept that.


Xbox One is scheduled to go on sale come November 22 in 13 markets around the world. If you’re interested, you can pre-order the Xbox One Standard Edition at Amazon for $499 if you’re in the U.S.

  • avi

    I was pretty skeptical of kinect at first, but I'm definitely glad ms are bundling it in with every xbox one. Should make for a better and unified experience.

    I'll probably end up getting forza 5 first.

  • Snake eyes 211

    I have it paid off but I'm probably gonna cancel my preorder because of this whole US doesn't get a game but Europe does
    Yeah the Europeans are paying more but actually they also make more money than we do. it's just Microsoft trying to get a foothold in a market that they want more sales in and at the cost of the US consumer they put Xbox on the map

  • the7thlevl .

    Bought and paid for damage control. Being able to watch TV does nothing for the gamer, it only benefits Microsoft, and if you really think THAT is a winning edge, Sony's apparently coming out with a tv service that doesn't require a cable box or account from a local provider at all. Gimme a break.

  • Jack Slater

    Great article showing up all the good things, to make people buy one.
    Now,author, what about writing an article about the huge paywall behind all the media features, an article about the 95%.features that won't work outside the NA, an article about the horrible fan behind the kinekt box, an article why only a few countries will get the console day one, an article about the xbox one not enough powerful for running killer instinct at 1080p, an article about forza 5 not having night races and dynamic weather, an article about microsoft only caring about exclusive cod content, like on x360, for securing the 15-20 million xbox live subscriptions, instead of using 100-500 millions, and making 10-20 new studios,so fans get many new IPS, or an article about all the hideous policies that almost killed the gaming industry, because they only care about making more and more money, etc etc.
    Wouldn't you like to write some articles like that?
    No, right.everything is perfect, buyers shouldn't be aware of the truth, right? Let's show them only the pretty side of things.halo,gears,forza,fable,cod ftw!

    • Axe99

      Haha, top response ;). The article is clearly a fan piece to bolster support amongst the Xbox faithful in the face of the last three months they've had ;).

      • Guest

        So funny looking at the responses of $0n¥ PauperStation N4Gtard NeoFAGs like you! Pathetic little pauper!

        • Arron Clements

          You’re 7 right?

  • D'shawn

    I guess you haven't heard of the 81 features that are locked behind Xbox Live paywall. The entire console is behind it, and that's a travesty. The console will be virtually useless without the paywall, after you paid 500 bones for it? What value does the company give you for the console itself, not xbox live? What are getting if you're on a budget? What can you use? There are days when you won't be able to renew your subscription right away, so do you have the right to enjoy your video games? According to Microsoft, No.

    Heck, Sony gives you more value for your buck. Fre to play games + MMOs don't require PS Plus. You can use the recording feature without it. Apps are not locked behind the paywall, that includes internet browser, netflix, crunchyroll, and etc. You can keep enjoying the console if you can't renew your subscription right away. Ps Plus instant game collection is un rivaled. Do you know how many games gamers are given that are only just a year old? Sleeping Dogs, Assassins Creed 3, Rayman Origins, and tons of Vita games.

    It's about value, and yes that is subjective. But which makes sense for "average consumer".

  • abcprivatecompany

    how much were you paid off to write something that's as preposterous as saying Xbox One will win the next gen wars? Casual gamers can enjoy their one night stands in iphones and ipods, consoles are for hardcore gamers first! The corporation that better understands the needs of many (hardcore gamers) outweigh needs of a few (casual audience) will truly win the next gen war and it looks in perfect clarity that Sony continues to make the right noise with the PS4!

    While X-1 might cater to a casual audience and it would still be successful, you can't deny the fact that it first comes down to games games and games and the PS4 has got hundreds of them!

    • JerkDaNERD7

      How many hours were you not paid for sitting there slandering someone's opinion?!

  • OMGitsSexyChase

    how much did Microsoft pay your site for this article

    • Guest

      At least they have money. $0n¥ are paupers and so are their followers.

      • Arron Clements

        Loving the ‘$0nÂ¥’ its even more cretinous than ‘M$’.

  • Arron Clements

    Are you high?

  • Calum Sutherland

    I could write a better article when I was 12 *sigh*