Make Your DualShock 3 Work on Your iOS 7 Device

dualshock 3


The Sony DualShock 3 controller is one of the best controllers youll find for gaming. Unfortunately, it is only officially supported for the PlayStation 3. If for some reason a user wants to use it on other platforms, they should be ready to escape their comfort zone of plug and play. One platform gamers can now use their beloved DualShock 3 to play the latest games, is iOS 7. However, theres a small price to play.

For the controller to work, gamers must first have a jailbroken iOS 7 device in their possession. not everyone are willing to jailbreak their Apple device, but if this is what you want, then by all means take the risk.

The steps to get it up and running on your iOS 7 device is quite easy to understand. I promise you; even a fanboy can do it, and we all know that fanboys are not the most sensible individuals.

Follow the instructions here, and you’re good to go. Took calm your tender mind, take a look at the video below for proof that thing really works.


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